The Demon Level EP.12 Woken AF

The fan’s favorite demon (@wwedemondiva) is back and she is woken and ready to talk Raw & Smackdown live. This week we are talking Roman’s sexy open challenge, Jason Jordan and his daddy issues, why is Ziggler so orange, the bar is still the bar. All that PLUS we have a special guest handing out a very prestigious award, all your favorite weekly segments and more.

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Wrestler ThreeWind - DDP

Self High Five!! This Wrestler ThReewind is about Diamond Dallas Page.Tommy, Taco and Joe discuss three matches from DDP's WCW days. The matches they picked were NOT the best options but they made for an interesting discussion about DDP, WCW, the NWO and more!


The matches:

DDP vs Randy "Macho Man" Savage - Haloween Havoc 1997

DDP vs Raven - Spring Stampede 1998

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