Ep 27 - You Call THAT a Draft?

Chad & Keila are coming at you this week filled with thoughts and analysis from this past week in the world of WWE. What were their feelings on the ending to the WWE Championship match on RAW? How did they cope with a farce of a draft that has gotten the latest brand extension off to a less than hot start? Why has Chad's hatred of Dean Ambrose reached the boiling point? They also cover other topics including: Broken Matt's quest to regain the TNA World Title, Cody Rhodes checking yet another promotion off his wish list, Lucha Underground's epic season 2 finale, and a lawsuit against WWE by a laundry list of stars from the past that will be sure to give you a good laugh. This week your southern fried tag team champions of podcasting are pulling no punches and showing no mercy! Pour yourself an ice cold glass of your favorite summer libation and enjoy the fun on this week's edition of Pro Wrestling Weekly!