Ep 36 – Our Groundskeeper Can Beat Up Your Groundskeeper…..

Chad & Keila are back at it again analyzing the week that was in the world of pro wrestling. They share lots of thoughts from this week’s RAW and Smackdown Live broadcasts including the confusing way in which Seth Rollins is being portrayed both in and out of the ring. Keila scolds WWE for their botching the debut of the Cruiserweight division on the flagship show. Why was one of the most exciting elements of the program slotted in the third hour of death killing the momentum gained in the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament? They also look at the card for Clash of the Champions as Chad wonders if many fans are now only watching PPVs now rather than sitting through five hours per week of an often painful viewing experience eachMonday and Tuesday? Rumors surrounding the possible sale of TNA Wrestling are addressed with several big names reportedly involved in the bidding process. A familiar face has also joined the ranks of the TNA Knockouts. What talents will this woman be able to bring to the six sided ring? Broken Matt Hardy and his heartwarming reunions with his beloved Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin are also discussed. The cast of crazy characters may be reunited at the Hardy compound but their issues with the Decay faction are far from over. To close the show, Chad unties the strings to the Pro Wrestling Weekly Mailbag as he and Keila answer three more questions submitted by the listening audience. This week’s topics include: who is responsible for the success of the Attitude Era, which 1980s territories should one watch if they want to see what pro wrestling really looks like, and who is the greatest wrestler never to hold a world title. Feast upon this buffest of wrestling discussion because there are plenty of things to make you go hmmmmm on this week’s edition of Pro Wrestling Weekly!