Ep 38 – I’ll See You In Court!

This week Chad & Keila are back to dissect the week’s top news stories from the pro wrestling world. They start with a No Mercy PPV re-cap. Was a slumping Dean Ambrose able to up his game to the level of John Cena and AJ Styles? Which champion suffered an injury and had to miss the event? Which long suffering star had a shining moment? Who was the big winner even though he lost? Thoughts from RAW and Smackdown Live were also discussed. Who did Braun Strowman destroy this week on his crusade to find suitable competition? What’s the latest history making chapter in the ongoing feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte? Which Attitude Era star is returning next week after a 12 year absence to answer the challenge of Paul Heyman’s beast, Brock Lesnar? Did the seed continue to grow that was planted last week concerning the forthcoming breakup of “best friends”, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens? How did both The Miz and Dolph Ziggler follow up their top notch performances from No Mercy? Which perennial underdog made another memorable Smackdown appearance picking up the biggest win of his career in the process? All these questions and more were answered from this past week’s WWE TV. Talk also turned to Paige who finds herself suspended for the second time in as many months, this time for 60 days. Keila has some strong words for her that involve making a choice between her career and a very well publicized personal relationship. Debuts of two familiar faces in NXT was also covered as well as another injury to a big NXT star while the stage was set for the final chapter in the Samoa Joe / Nakamura feud. Which former WWE Women’s Champion made a surprise return to the company to step up and challenge the seemingly unstoppable Asuka? The latest news from the messy TNA sale proceedings took center stage again as company President, Billy Corgan, has filed lawsuits against many of the groups and individuals with ownership stakes in the company including Dixie Carter. Could the much beleaguered brand be head for bankruptcy court with Vince McVulture ready to pick the bones? Broken Matt Hardy doesn’t concern himself with business matters and instead continues to concentrate on being awesome. The latest twisted idea from the outer reaches of his mind involves an open invitation tag team tournament. Only time will tell what ridiculousness ensues. More injury talk closes the show as a former ROH World Champion is sidelined with a fractured orbital bone while the leader of The Bullet Club, Kenny Omega, has a huge opportunity coming up in early 2017 after winning the G1 Climax Tournament this past summer. There’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lotta pro wrestling goodness on this week’s edition of Pro Wrestling Weekly!