Pro Wrestling Weekly – Ep 76 – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia…..

Chad & Keila return this week to re-cap all the happenings inside the pro wrestling universe. They start off with analysis of a very lackluster Battleground PPV from WWE. Which match was the lone bright spot on the show? Which match between two supremely talented superstars underachieved? What were their thoughts on the return of one of the WWE’s most unique attractions from the past decade? The fallout from RAW was also discussed. Did Braun Strowman break a world record for the Human Toss? How are things shaping up moving toward SummerSlam? Smackdown bounced back to redeem itself after Battleground by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us. Why is Chad disappointed that a much anticipated “Dream Match” will be given away for free on next week’s show without any buildup at all? Which all-time great made a surprise return and had both Chad and Keila beaming? All these questions are answered and more. They also take a look at one of the more decorated superstars in Global Force Wrestling and his departure from the company on a full-time basis to pursue a medical degree. The latest in the mudslinging between the Hardy and Jarrett wives is also covered with Chad needing a minute to compose himself after some serious shade was cast and some very stiff shots were fired. Keila also talks of her latest adventures on Badstreet USA as a thunderstorm left her without power for much of the evening earlier in the week. “The Georgia Peach” is back in the light now and recaps the latest standings in New Japan’s 27th Annual G1 Climax Tournament. Many of the favorites you would expect are among the leaders while two grizzled veterans remain winless. Enjoy the latest news and reviews in the world sports entertainment from your tag team champions of podcasting right here on Pro Wrestling Weekly!