Pro Wrestling Weekly – Ep 81 – Stay Thirsty My Friends…..

Chad & Keila are again on the mic to examine this week’s happenings in the pro wrestling world. They discuss and dissect the finer points of both RAW and Smackdown from this past week and the effect that the fallout will have on upcoming PPVs. Why is No Mercy shaping up to be a can’t miss show? What does the “Blue Brand” have in store for their next Network Special? Which female’s character is on life support and which one is on her way to the main roster? They also once again cover some WWE injury news with two popular superstars tweaking their knees and missing some time. Women’s wrestling was a major topic on this episode with the Mae Young Classic now airing on the WWE Network. Who has impressed Keila thus far? How many of these 32 females does Chad think will get a contract? AAA had their huge annual TripleMania event over the weekend. Not surprisingly it was not without controversy. The story dominating headlines this week saw former Lucha Underground champion, Sexy Star, apparently shoot on former GFW Knockouts Champion, Rosemary, during their match last Saturday night. The outrage from the pro wrestling community has been heard loud and clear. Chad gives his thoughts on the situation and he can’t help but be a little skeptical. Legendary Luchador Dr. Wagner Jr. was unmasked at this event as well after losing to Psycho Clown. What famous TV commercial pitchman does he resemble? Keila also runs down the participants in PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles which takes place this weekend. This event has a devoted and hardcore fanbase that have witnessed many stars in the making. Who will stand out this year? Also, the 27th annual  PWI 500 rankings are out and the top 10 list leaves both Chad and Keila scratching their heads. To close the show, once again take a trip back in time as Chad brings you several more “Great Moments in Wrestling History” that occurred this calendar week in year’s past. Enjoy another huge delicious helping of your favorite wrestling dessert on this week’s edition of Pro Wrestling Weekly!