Episode 15 - Did WrestleMania Even Happen?

This week Chad & Keila cover all the news from the pro wrestling universe including examining the fallout from WrestleMania and how many of the WWE's booking decisions following that event have rendered the biggest show of the year useless. What does the debut of Gallows & Anderson mean for the growing tag team division? Who will they side with? The growing rumors of TNA's financial woes are discussed including the relocation of their corporate offices and idea that they are seeking investors. A new IWGP Heavyweight Champion was recently crowned in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Does this signify a new era in that red hot promotion? Season 3 of Lucha Underground is also discussed as tapings continue. Such topics as MVP's short lived stint with the company, the future of Richochet/Prince Puma, and a new Lucha Underground Champion being crowned are all covered. Chad also gives his thoughts on the passing of both Blackjack Mulligan and Balls Mahoney this week. Each man left a lasting mark on pro wrestling in very different ways. Fill up on another sweet and spicy helping of southern goodness this week on Pro Wrestling Weekly!