Monday Is War - Ep 1 - Shots Fired from Atlanta...​

Chad Flatt of Pro Wrestling Weekly is joined by his good friend, "The Motor City Madman" Johnny Kayfabe for the inaugural edition of Monday Is War. The duo discuss this magical time in the mid 1990s when pro wrestling exploded in popularity, became mainstream, and WCW and the WWF battled for ratings supremacy every Monday night. They lay the groundwork and give the back story on what led up to The Monday Night War. This week they examine both WWF Monday Night RAW and WCW MondayNitro from June 17, 1996. This was just six days before the 1996 King of the Ring when Austin 3:16 was born and just 24 hours after WCW's Great American Bash PPV which saw "The Outsiders" attack WCW President, Eric Bischoff. This was also the first of 84 consecutive ratings wins for WCW. A shift in attitude is about to sweep over the WWF and WCW is on the road to the Bash at the Beach event where a certain red and yellow hero turned his back on the fans and changed the course of pro wrestling forever. So take a trip down memory lane and relive the matches, moments, and mayhem from the greatest box office era in pro wrestling history on The Fan's Podcast Network's newest show, Monday Is War!