Monday Is War – Ep 12 – The nWo Gets a Giant Boost…..

Chad Flatt of Pro Wrestling Weekly and his partner in crime, Johnny Kayfabe, take a trip back in time to early September 1996 for this week’s edition of Monday Is War. WCW Monday Nitro ran unopposed on Monday night September 2 for the second consecutive week and WCW once again made the most of the opportunity to have the eyeballs of wrestling fans all to themselves. This was the 1 year anniversary show for Nitro and it garnered the highest TV rating in the show’s history up to that point. Chris Jericho –vs- Dean Malenko stole the show from an in ring perspective but the nWo’s Giant addition left people stunned and wondering who else might join this invading faction. The WWF countered with a special RAW Championship Friday program which aired Friday September 6 and featured two more first round matches in the ongoing Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Could Sycho Sid get past the Connecticut blueblood Triple H? Would “Wildman” Marc Mero be able to defeat the 1996 King of the Ring winner, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a rematch from that very tournament? Former foes and WWF Champions, Bob Backlund and The Iron Sheik, join forces as mentors for a new superstar on his way to the WWF that is promised to be a future champion himself. Meanwhile, Jerry “The King” Lawler finds himself on the bad side of “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Shawn Michaels defends the WWF Championship in a very good match against the bizarre Goldust. The only thing more bizarre than Goldust’s antics was the way this match was edited for television. Next week both shows return to Monday night as the head to head battle for ratings supremacy continues. Two decades may have passed but you can relive those glory days right here on The Fan’s Podcast Network!