Monday Is War - Ep 13 - Sting...Say It Ain't So!

This week Chad Flatt of Pro Wrestling Weekly and Johnny Kayfabe are once again taking a trip back in time as they take a look at September 9, 1996. On that fateful Monday night the WWF presented a forgettable episode of Monday Night RAW that represented everything that was wrong with the company at the time. It was no wonder that WCW was pulling away in the ratings war when characters such as TL Hopper, The Stalker, and Salvatore Sincere were being presented on Monday nights from Vince and company. WCW was getting red hot and this week we saw the go home edition of Monday Nitro before the Fall Brawl PPV featuring the legendary War Games match. Tension is still running high in the WCW locker room as nobody can be trusted. Who will comprise Team WCW in the double cage battle against the nWo? This episode ends with the unthinkable happening. The heart and soul of WCW, Sting, appears to emerge from a limo and attack his best friend Lex Luger seemingly aligning with the nWo just 6 days before War Games! Could this be the final nail in the coffin for WCW? Tune in and find out what happened on this latest edition of  Monday Is War!