Monday Is War - Ep 5 - Hollywood Speaks.....Brother!

This week Chad Flatt of Pro Wrestling Weekly is joined by The Fan's Podcast Network's latest 5 star recruit, Johnny Kayfabe, to dissect the 7/15/96 editions of WWF Monday Night RAW and WCW Monday Nitro. On RAW Jim Cornette readies his team to face the trio of Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and Psycho Sid at the following Sunday's PPV. All the WWF champions see action in this episode as the WWF Tag Team Champions, The Smoking Gunns, are in singles action again the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ahmed Johnson, and the WWF World Champion, Shawn Michaels, respectively. This week also saw the debut of yet another forgettable cartoonish gimmick character on RAW while Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero do battle on Nitro at the exact same time. Dean Malenko also faced Billy Kidman in another quality matchup. The Outsiders made their presence known yet again by obstructing the WCW letters with their own homemade nWo banner. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan also made his first appearance on Nitro since crossing over to the dark side and reiterated his thoughts on the fans and how he never needed their support. It's another chapter in the developing story of the hostile takeover that ruled the ring in the 1990s. We invite you to go back in time once again and enjoy this installment of Monday Is War!