Pro Wrestling Weekly - Ep 61 - WrestleMania Special

Chad and Keila return this week after a week off for renovations to the posh plush Pro Wrestling Weekly recording studios for a special edition of the show. Chad is on location in Orlando, FL at the very center of the pro wrestling world. He describes the electric atmosphere and all the sight sand sounds of sports entertainment's biggest weekend of the year. Keila gives her thoughts and analysis on the WrestleMania card and explains why she is looking forward to some matches more than others. Chad outlines the big weekend that lies ahead for him with two full days of WrestleCon and the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. This after he already met the! "The Czechoslovakian Hammer" Mike Sawatzki of Heroes & Legends Pro Wrestling Collectibles joins the show to talk about the weekend and what it has in store for him and his crew plus gives listeners some interesting stories about his Florida roots and several ties to this year's WWE Hall of Fame class. It's a departure from our normal news and reviews to give you the look and feel of the grandaddy of them all and all the little grandchiuldren that are also showing out this weekend. Soak up the Florida sun and sink your ears into this week's special edition of Pro Wrestling Weekly!