Pro Wrestling Weekly - Ep 65 – A Monster Among Garbage Men….

Chad & Keila are celebrating their senior citizen status on Episode 65 with plenty of analysis of all things WWE leading into the Payback PPV this weekend. They dive deep into both RAW and Smackdown to give their thoughts on Braun Strowman’s latest superhuman feat of strength and destruction, Seth Rollins’ new finisher, the cavalcade of talk shows that opened RAW, two major stars turning babyface without explanation, the latest stars to be Jindered up to number 1 contender status and they officially throw in the towel on Dolph Ziggler once and for all. They also have some fun with the news out of Hollywood that a Vince McMahon biopic is in development. Who on earth could properly portray the “Genetic Jackhammer” on the silver screen? What will be featured in the movie and what will be conspicuously omitted? They also cover some news out of Orlando as Impact Wrestling continues to feature tons of new talent after their recent merger with Global Force Wrestling. What former world traveling high flier showed up in the six sided ring this week?  What gold is now around the waist of Albert El Patron and what does that mean for a future showdown with Bobby Lashley? Chad also talks about a huge event he will be attending this weekend with Heroes & Legends that will feature the final indie appearance of Matt and Jeff Hardy. Lots of great stuff this week to consume on this southern fried buffet of rasslin’ knowledge known as Pro Wrestling Weekly, right here on The Fan’s Podcast Network!