​Pro Wrestling Weekly – Ep 70 – Big Deals and Cheap Thrills…..

Chad & Keila are back in the game this week covering all things WWE enroute to Extreme Rules this weekend. What clicked and what crapped the bed on both RAW and Smackdown? Who is walking out with gold and the future right to battle for a championship on Sunday? India continues to be a pro wrestling hotbed. Jinder Mahal is on top of the wrestling world as WWE Champion, Impact Wrestling taped 4 episodes of their TV program from India this past week, and ROH gained valuable TV clearances in that country as well. Speaking of ROH, the main event is set for their Best in the World PPV coming up later this month as Cody Rhodes will challenge Christopher Daniels for the ROH World Championship. Their parent company, Sinclair Broadcasting, is in the process of a huge acquisition that might mean a bigger platform for the ROH brand as well. New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors Tournament is still underway. Can the high flying Britt,  Will Ospreay, once again claim the crown for the second consecutive year? Plus a big deal that was reported a couple weeks back has hit a snag. Could someone in the wrestling business actually be trying to sell something they don’t even own? Say it ain’t so! All the bases are covered on this platinum edition of Pro Wrestling Weekly!