Episode 11 - Roadblocks and Cheap Pops

This week Chad returns after a nightmare weekend to re-join Keila and cover all the week's wrestling headlines. They discuss the fallout from a pointless WWE Roadblock special as well as RAW Pittsburgh. They debate the merits of the newest announced inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Keila takes Shane McMahon to task for his weak looking punches. Talk turns again to the legendary Hulk Hogan and his ongoing trial against Gawker. Will the Hulkster bodyslam the media company in court for distributing a personal video without his permission? TNA is again on a slight upswing with rising ratings and a new World Heavyweight Champion. Several new female faces in Lucha Underground are discussed. Does this spell the eventual end to inter-gender matches? Both Chad and Keila hope so. Chad also recounts his weekend from hell as he traveled with our show's sponsor, Heroes & Legends, to the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. Sales were strong and fun was had but an unexpected illness and travel issues left him feeling blue in the bluegrass state proving once again, there's no place like home. We hope you enjoy this episode of Pro Wrestling Weekly!