Ep 29

This week Chad & Keila are emanating from the new Pro Wrestling Weekly recording studio and are talking all things WWE. They cover the highlights from RAW and Smackdown and begin to discuss some of the top bouts scheduled for SummerSlam in a few weeks. They like what they see right now with each brand having a new and distinct feel as both shows try to establish a fresh direction. They also cover the WWE injured list and give updates on some superstars that are currently out of action. The weekly tradition of discussing the broken brilliance of Matt Hardy continues. This time there is a debate over the merits of him staying in full broken character during a recent appearance on Chris Jericho's podcast. The upcoming ROH Death Before Dishonor PPV main event is set and discussed as Jay Lethal will defend his title against Adam Cole of the Bullet Club as he tries to gain revenge for the club's recent attacks and the shaving of his head. An update on Season 3 of Lucha Underground is given. Keila explains why it will be a jumbo sized 40 episode season and the value behind that decision. Get an update on the standings in New Japan's G1 Climax Tournament. What familiar names are among the leaders with 3 weeks still to go? Also for the first time on the show, Chad unties the strings to the Pro Wrestling Weekly mailbag as he and Keila answer a few listener questions! Topics for this innugural edition include: most effective heel turns ever, undervalued characters in WWE lore, and current WWE roster members destined for the WWE Hall of Fame. There is plenty of great discussion and thought provoking points in this week's heaping helping of southern fried goodness that is Pro Wrestling Weekly!