Pro Wrestling Weekly - Episode 6 - Thank You Daniel Bryan

Chad & Keila celebrate a half dozen episodes with all the week's wrestling news including Daniel Bryan's abrupt and emotional retirement. They also discuss how that memorable celebration ended with a suspension for Titus 'O Neil. AJ Styles' developing rivalry with Chris Jericho is also analyzed including Chad again questioning WWE's 50/50 booking and their decision to hang a clean pinfall loss on Styles this early in his tenure with the company. Speaking of AJ Styles, Chad and Keila examine the decision by Ring of Honor to bring in Kenny Omega from Japan to fill the original ROH dates that Styles was booked for. Keila also has some words of advice for Awesome Kong who was released by TNA this week after her backstage run in with Reby Hardy on the company's UK Tour. The legendary Jim Cornette returns for Part 2 of his exclusive interview in this week's "Superstar Spotlight". He discusses modern pro wrestling and why, in his opinion, it will never again reach the heights that the industry enjoyed during the Territory Era. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as this episode covers all the bases right here on The Fan's Podcast Network!


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